Have you a special friend, subject or idea you like to see
as a painting, drawing or design?

This is how to go about it.

Supply photographs that you feel show the true character of your subject.
1-5 pics are enough (or more if you feel necessary) these do not have to
be professional photographs

A short description of the personality of the subject would help and what
features show true in the reference photos.

What size would you like the finished piece of art?

10 x 8, 14 x18, 18 x 24, 22 x30 inches (or special)

What medium?

-oil painting on stretched canvas

-pencil drawing

-pencil drawing with colour wash

When would like to receive the finished piece?

Oil paintings take quite a while to dry. For safe transportation allow at least
8 to 10 weeks from date of artist receiving reference materials (photos etc.)

NOTE: Orders for Christmas - Oil paintings commissioned are finished by
the 25th of November to allow for drying and freight

Drawings on paper - 4 weeks

Allow extra time for international postage delivery.

Because each piece of art work is an individual project and is an original,
order early to accommodate for personalized attention and prompt delivery.
Final confirmation of this information has to checked with artist to
accommodate and allow for work load at the time orders are taken.

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